3 Haircuts with Graduated Layers


Layered hairstyles are popular because they add softness, volume, and texture to every hair type and length. If you're looking for something with a little more edgy, literally, these haircuts with graduated layers add angles that flatter your features. Check out these pictures for three ways to get the look! For thick hair, stepped layers ... Get the layered hairstyle!

Long Hair with Short Layers


No doubt about, hair is one of the many ways to express yourself. So have fun with a hairstyle that not only flatters but reveals something about your personality and style. One of these looks is long hair with short layers! It's a variation on the layered trend but with a bold and edgy twist. Keep reading for 3 different ways to get the ... Get the layered hairstyle!

Layered Haircuts with Bangs Pictures


Bangs and layers are an easy and beautiful way to update hair without saying goodbye to too much of that gorgeous length. Layering can make every hair type more manageable, cutting out only weight and split ends that keep hair from looking its best. Plus they add that coveted volume to every hairstyle plus attractive movement and bounce! The ... Get the layered hairstyle!

3 Long Hairstyles with Layers


It's easy to let long hair go for months without a cut. The result? Locks that are heavy, flat, and limp. Adding in some layers brings life back to long hair, removing length and bulk for a flattering look with plenty of volume. Check out the pictures below for 3 different ways to wear long hairstyles with layers! Everyday is a great hair ... Get the layered hairstyle!

3 Different Layered Haircut Styles


Not all layered hairstyles are created equal! Layers have many purposes and can be used to bring out waves, add dramatic angles, or create a gorgeous profile. These looks work for various hair types and of course your unique style! Check out these pictures for 3 different layered haircut styles! Some of the top reasons to get layered ... Get the layered hairstyle!

4 Ideas for Long Layered Haircuts


Take a look around and you'll see layered hairstyles everywhere! From short to long hair (and everywhere in between), layers give hair beautiful body, oodles of volume, and a gorgeous shape - and that's before adding any products or styling. Here are 4 ideas for long layered haircuts that make the most of every hair type! Layered hairstyles ... Get the layered hairstyle!

10 Easy to Wear Layered Haircuts for Long Hair


Layers work magic on long hair - adding volume to fine or thick hair and body all around. Whatever your hair problem is, layers are the solution. There isn't just one cut available though. Check out these pictures for 10 layered haircuts for long hair for different looks that are on trend in 2013.   Plus these layered hairstyles ... Get the layered hairstyle!

Layered Bob Hairstyles: From Short to Long


Next to layered looks, bob hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles out there for women of all ages. Bobs are chic, stylish, and low maintenance too. Even better they work for every single hair type, from straight to curly or fine to thick. Bob hairstyles with layers tame curly or thick hair, add volume to fine or straight hair. One of ... Get the layered hairstyle!